.308 Win 7.62x51 Fully Processed Brass - 500 Pcs
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500 pieces of of once fired military brass consisting of mostly Lake City and WCC. This brass is Ready to load and has been sized to fit tight match chambers as well as work in any chamber that is within SAAMI specs. The Brass has been cleaned, trimmed, resized and swagged the primer pocket making it ready to load. We keep the working of the brass to a minimum to maximize the amount of times the case can be reloaded. We also verify the dimensions, length, and primer pocket size through the use of multiple gauges for the size, shoulder and overall length. Then use even more gauges to verify neck thickness and the size of the mouth opening. We do this check at around every 80 rounds that comes off press to keep our product to exacting standards and consistency. For further information or any other brass needs please see our website at: www.Flying-Brass.com


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.308 Win 7.62x51 Fully Processed Brass - 500 Pcs

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